Electric Motor

Electric Motor Control

Project specific motor drive design!

Intelligentia has a deep knowledge and experience in the development of Hardware and Software for electric motors control. Our Team is composed by HW and SW experts with more than twenty years of experience in motor drive design.

We are able to provide a broad portfolio of applications in demanding sectors such as industrial, electro-medical, avionics, space, green energy, remote motion control of TV cameras.

Brushless Motors control

Wide range of capabilities for supporting your project

In Intelligentia you can find a wide range of capabilities for Motor design and control, and dozen of ready-to-use solutions for:

  • DC and three-phase inverters power and digital HW;
  • DC, trapezoidal brushless (BLDC), sinusoidal brushless (PMSM), asynchronous induction electrical motors;
  • Knowledge of the main motor control algorithms: FOC, SVPWM, Sensorless;
  • Closed loop position, speed and torque regulators: PID, pole placement with stability analysis;
  • Position trajectory generators with speed, acceleration and jerk control;
  • Position interpolation for servo drives;
  • Feedback sensors management: hall sensors, resolver, incremental encoder, absolute encoders with digital interface (Endat or Hyperface).

Intelligentia has also a consolidated experience in the electronic design of piezoelectric motor drives, including resonant, stick and slip and nanopositioning (open and closed loop) piezoelectric actuators.

Piezo Motor Motion Control Assy

Mission critical design

Mission critical Avionic and Space compliant design

Intelligentia’s Team was involved in the design of HW and SW for the electronic control of 15 actuators mounted inside the rotor blades of a helicopter (3 actuators per blade). The actuators were controlled by brushless sinusoidal motors with closed-loop regulators, reaching a passband of 50 Hz on the position loop. The implementation law of the fifteen drives has been updated at one millisecond rate by the Flight Control Computer, via a serial communication link.

All HW and SW designs have been developed according to DO-178, DO-254 and DO-160 standards and specifications.

Another example is the design and development of the SW that controls the sinusoidal brushless motors of Satellites positioning gyroscopes.

High Quality Standards

Years of experience in heterogeneous sectors in developing algorithms, HW and SW for Motor Control in safety critical contexts, such as in miniaturized design of industrial components.

Leading Experts

More than 20 years of experience in our team make Intelligentia the right partner to rely on for your success. All the lessons we have learned from our experience are the value we are ready to provide to your project.

Let us improve your business!