We like to be agile!

Intelligentia adopts Agile methodologies in the development of projects, in order to increase performance and provide the customer with complete transparency of the activities carried out.

Committed to goals

Our operational and project management activities have a solid industrial background. Intelligentia is the result of years of work and passion in research and development in production contexts.

We use smart solutions!

We adopt and use the most advanced and innovative technologies and methodologies in order to create cutting-edge solutions for our customers and their specific Business needs.

We are focused on innovating our clients’ business by supporting them in changing the way they work and introducing new paradigms. Be more interconnected, safer, smarter and more efficient!

The technical and organizational skills as well as the intellectual skills of the various partners involved are the basis of the success of our initiative; these qualities, combined with our passion, contribute to making Intelligentia a pleasant place to work. The collaboration with Univesities and the relationships established in Europe with various industries, allow access to the most advanced technologies and methodologies and the best minds can be involved from the very beginning in research and prototyping activities.

We support customers in all activities needed to promote innovation: from the selection and adoption of the right technological solution, to the support in a specific R&D activity in their project, to the prototipization and industrialization of the final product.

Thanks to our strong background in the industrial field, and thanks to the experience matured in years in several industrial contexts, Intelligentia can be the partner of choice for your Industry 4.0 implementation, such as a trusted partner for Satellite on-board critical software development, verification and validation, as well as a professional Cloud solution provider for your new products and services.

If you need to innovate, Intelligentia will be always at your side.

Our Mission | Intelligentia Industrial

For us, “Innovation” means looking ahead and far, facing all the problems that our customers will present to us with passion and professionalism. With the declared goal of taking your business to the next level of innovation!

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