Intelligentia's Cloud

The right Cloud for the Industry

A fully managed environment to help you facing the challenge!

Most of the solutions we have developed for our customers are web-based information systems and Intelligentia has been pushing for Cloud adoption since the beginning. Since most of our customers require a private, secure, scalable managed infrastructure to run their applications, we have decided to build our own fully managed cloud infrastructure.

For this reason we have invested in hardware and software platforms to bring our Intelligentia Cloud to life. We have adopted OpenStack, Ceph and other leading opensource cloud software frameworks to develop our IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). In addition to this low-level infrastructure, we have derived custom PaaS (Platform as a Service). Thanks to the platforms we are providing SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions.

A secure home for your Application Stacks

Open source ready-to-use stacks in a secure, private Cloud!

Intelligentia is willing to promote the adoption of widely used open source software and application frameworks to enable companies like yours to build and integrate their own specific cloud ecosystem.

We can offer from a dedicated bucket of resources in our IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to host your virtual environment with dedicated IP addresses, to pre-built integrations of opensource software using managed components (databases, virtual machines, compute nodes), to your SaaS hosting (e.g. Java Applications Server).

If you are looking for a specific SaaS (Software as a Service) hosting partner for your solution or simply a place to reproduce a specific configuration of your favorite open source projects, you will find in Intelligentia the right partner with the right skills to meet your needs .

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
Intelligentia's Cloud Datacenter

Italian Data Centers

We care about your security, that’s why we select the top class services.

In order to make it possible to provide the safest, most advanced, reliable and scalable service for your business, we have decided to increase our services only in the TIER IV Datacenter with disaster recovery backup environments at more than 500km.

The first Region of our Cloud was installed in Ponte San Pietro (BG), the largest data center campus in Italy. All systems have been designed and built to meet and exceed the highest resilience levels set by ANSI / TIA 942-B-2017 Rating 4 (formerly Tier 4). Each data is stored with multiple replicas in order to mitigate data loss and give the possibility to be independent from physical servers.

When a Region fails, all the traffic is automatically routed to another backup Region in the Southern of Italy to implement Business Continuity.

Your private Nextcloud server

As an example of ready-to-use opensource software for your specific scenario, we have integrated a very flexible and professional Nextcloud managed hosting. Your data is in a safe place with all the space you need.

Opensource Cloud Stacks and SaaS

Do you need a place where to store your own Java EE app, or NodeJS, PERL, PHP, Python, Ruby? You are welcome to build your own stack on top of our Virtual Environment, with volumes and databases included.

The most advanced web technologies

Your business needs innovative, secure, quality tools.

Web development is never trivial. Intelligentia is the right partner for your projects because we love to work with web technologies and we are always ready to measure our skill with new challenging projects.

Our team of experts and certificated staff can be your trusted partner in developing any kind of application: from a simple web-site, to a fully customized information system.

Our approach is to use cutting-edge technologies in compliance with the most adopted and widely accepted techniques for an exciting User Experience.

The web is becoming the most important stage for your business. With Intelligentia you will bring your business to the next level!

Web apps
Web Apps Technologies

Modern technologies

Your application needs the best quality!

For us, the best technology is the one capable of giving to our customers trust, innovation but stability, advanced features but also an active community that works on it. We are looking at this because we believe that a good project is for a long time.

Our approach is to create tailored code that fully meets your needs but also looks to the future with further integration possibilities, with a focus on documentation and code organization to simplify maintenance and evolution.

Our team is always well prepared and sometimes also officially certified on the selected technology for your project.

Intelligentia is also investing in personnel certification to guarantee to our customers the highest level of professionalism they need.

Customer Portals

We help you to develop your private and dedicated B2B and / or B2C portals to bring your customer to the center of your world. Let's build a new customer experience together.

Fully customized Hosting Services

When your applications needs to scale-up and meet new performance requirements, you need more than just an hosting service: you need a trusted partner that take care of your interests and make you succeed!

Let us improve your business!