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Intelligentia has been working in the Space & Aerospace sectors since 2013. We are involved in several European and national projects with Space Agencies (ESA), Space Prime Contractors and Suppliers.

We can offer a broad spectrum of competencies and enabling services to our customers.

Intelligentia promotes its ideas and products by focusing on the adoption of current cutting-edge techniques and methodologies emerging in the areas of Research and Development.

Space Launch

Flight Segment

On Board Software Development, Verification and Validation

Our development team is led by experts with several years of experience in satellite critical on-board software development, such as propulsion system, power systems, Fault Detection Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) real-time procedures, based on real-time operating systems such as RTEMS, VxWorks and Virtuoso, running on Space Qualified CPU such as DSP21020, ERC32, LEON2, LEON3.

Our heritage also  includes Verification and Validation skills on the full set of activities defined by the V-Model; we can support our customers in activities such as Unit Test of On Board Software, TS Validation for the complete satellite platform, RB Validation and Acceptance Tests.

To achieve the desired result, we are able to provide the highest degree of proficiency in configuring and using the most used tools in aerospace field (CCS, SCOS 2000, IBM Doors, IBM RTRT, Cantata++, IBM RQM, IBM Rhapsody, IBM RTC).

MTG satellite - On Board Software | Intelligentia - Aerospace
ESA Santa Maria Station - Ground Stations | Intelligentia - Aerospace

Ground Segment

Ground Station Software

Regarding software for ground stations, our team was involved by an important customer in developing a software module addressed to manipulate the coordinate systems of an antenna pointing system and manage the communication to the Antenna Control Unit (ACU). The entire software system, is addressed to follow a launcher during the complete take-off phase to earth orbits.

Another work concerns the development of a commutation software module able to collect telemetries received from an IXV module and routing this information to ground stations registered as listeners, adopting ESA’s Satellite Link Extension (SLE) protocol.

Ground Segment

Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE)

Intelligentia team has the skills to contribute to the full design, implementation and validation of turnkey EGSE systems.

We look to EGSE as a long-term investment, our mission is to adopt COTS components as much as possible in the design and development of EGSE in order to ensure low cost, stable and widely adopted technology and easy and reusable knowledge directly from the market.

Thanks to the experience of our network of partners, Intelligentia is also able to bring to you advanced experience in custom firmware, electronic boards and devices design and realization.

Our philosophy is to use stable and durable technologies that are widely known to easily solve any problems detected.

EGSE Servers - Electrical Ground Support Equipment | Intelligentia - Aerospace

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